CNC Router Safety 101

CNC Rules and Safety

If you suspect a tool is not operating properly contact a Makerspace Technician immediately.

Additional Safety Equipment

  • Eye ​ AND​  Ear protection should be worn at all times
  • A dust mask may be worn if necessary


  • Small parts that become loose during cutting may be ​THROWN
  • Poorly secured stock can ​FLING ​ out


  • Do ​ keep eyes, hands, hair and clothing away from running router
  • Do ​ stay within reach of pause and/or stop switch during job
  • Do ​ properly and safely secure stock
  • Do ​ shut down power to router spindle before changing tools
  • Do ​ use a sharp and appropriate cutting tool
  • Do ​ create jobs such that all pieces remain attached to stock material
  • Do​  use a safe spindle speed (this often means ​more ​RPM!)
  • Do​  leave the machine and nearby area cleaner than you found it
  • Do ​ cut plastics, formaldehyde­ free mdf, wood, and aluminum


  • Don’t ​wear long sleeves, ties, hoodie strings, jewelry, or gloves
  • Don’t​ leave a running job unattended
  • Don’t​ let excessive chips build up between jobs
  • Don’t​ clear chips while spindle is running
  • Don’t​ use hands to hold down parts that come loose during cutting
  • Don’t​ cut fiberglass, MDF, carbon fiber, or other composites.



To learn more visit ShopBots Youtube page.

CNC Router Safety 101 Quiz

To schedule time and projects on the CNC Routers you must first complete the CNC Router Safety Quiz and the Code of Conduct and Safety quiz.

Take the CNC Router Safety 101 Quiz

You need a score of 100% to pass and can take the quiz multiple times.

You must also take a hands on class, meet with a Makerspace Technician for scheduling.

To schedule time on the CNC Routers and discuss your material needs see a Makerspace Technician


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