Code Of Conduct/Safety



This is a space where everyone is welcome and which inspires creativity and collaboration. Some activities will make you think critically, others will turn your thoughts into action.


We support a maker culture where:


  • everyone shares responsibility for safety.
  • we help one another and are receptive to feedback.
  • we support one another.
  • innovation is encouraged.
  • positive experiences are created. 



This is a space to have FUN, LEARN, be PRODUCTIVE, and work SAFELY.

Please adhere to posted safety and equipment guidelines, report damaged or unclean equipment, and ask questions.


Code of Conduct and Safety Orientation Quiz

To use the 3D printers, laser machine, CNC machines, wood shop tools, soldering equipment, and sewing machine, you must first complete the Code of Conduct and Safety quiz.


Take the Code of Conduct and Safety Quiz.

You need a score of 100% to pass.

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