Laser Machines 101


The Franklin Center For Innovation Makerspace has one laser machine.

The Laser machine is available to FCFI Members and faculty, to make two- and three-dimensional objects from birch or acrylic sheets using a design uploaded from a digital file. 

  • Prior to using the laser machine you must complete a mandatory orientation and sign a Makerspace User Agreement form (must be signed in person).  
  • The laser machine is to be used in a non-commercial capacity.  Mass quantity printouts will be referred to a commercial company.
  • Uploaded files will be deleted once your object has been created.   

Use of the laser machine must conform to all Franklin Center For Innovation Policies.

The laser machine is to be operated by FCFI Makerspace Technicians only.

The FCFI Makerspace laser engraver may be used only for lawful purposes and FCFI reserves the right to refuse any print request. The machine cannot be used to create material that is:

  1. Prohibited by state or federal law.
  2. Unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or poses an immediate threat to the well-being of others.
  3. In violation of the intellectual property rights of others. For example, reproducing material that is subject to copyright, patent, or trademark protection.
  4. A weapon, in part or whole, or any object that can be mistaken for a weapon.
  5. Too large for the printer.
  6. Lewd, malicious, or otherwise unsuitable for creating a welcoming and inclusive public space.

Items created using the laser machine are presented as is, with no cleaning.

Items must be picked up within 3 days after email confirmation is sent and by the individual who submitted the job. Items not picked up after 3 days will become the property of FCFI and may be discarded.


Laser Machine Design Checklist

Submit a Laser Machine Design Checklist

Laser Machine 101 Quiz

To use the Laser Machine you must first complete the Laser Machine Orientation Quiz and the Code of Conduct and Safety quiz.

Take the Laser Machine 101 Quiz

You must also take a hands on class, meet with a Makerspace Technician for scheduling.

You need a score of 100% to pass and can take the quiz multiple times.

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